Singing Workshop at Ansells Farm, 2nd April 2016: “The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la, breathe promise of merry sunshine…”

So sings Nanki Poo in The Mikado, and this gave us the idea that floral felicity and burgeoning buds would make a very good theme for our spring Song Day at Ansells. The vocal repertoire is full of flowers – lilies, violets, roses with and without thorns, to name but a few – and if you stretch the imagination to include other plants and trees too – well, where to start? Even if by April this year all the daffodils will be over, and we’ll have reached Storm Zoe in the extreme weather league, it’s still a wonderful time of year and has inspired poets and composers from Chaucer to Cole Porter. Why not make a day of singing and study at Ansells one of your post-Easter treats?

As always, a whole day workshop for singers 9.45 -5pm, including the services of our accompanist. 2 course lunch with wine, coffee and tea breaks with homemade cakes.

Price £110

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Song Workshop at Ansells Farm, May 2013: The Merry Month of May

Saturday May 4th 2013

With any luck, by the time we reach this date, cherry trees will be full of blossom, the birds will be fledging their latest families, the thoughts of young and old alike will be turning to the approaching summer in all its glory – and the snow will finally have vanished for another year! What a perfect time for celebration of all things fresh and lovely, so hey nonny nonny, and come and sing a roundelay at Ansells. Composers of many centuries and nationalities have been moved to write about this special time of year, and we want to hear the songs you think the best and most interesting, even if there’s only a passing whiff of apple blossom in the lyrics…

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