One Reply to “New Stephen Varcoe Website”

  1. I’m leaving this comment for the sole reason that that ‘0 responses’ above seems so inadequate for the site of a singer I have so long admired and been unable to ‘track down’ until now. All my information has come from the radio, where ‘Varcoe’ sounds like ‘Barkow’ or variations thereof; and it wasn’t until my local station broadcast the lovely Dido and Aeneas last week that I was able to find the recording and thence the proper spelling (Google is great, but it won’t read minds…).

    May I just say how much I have enjoyed every performance I’ve heard of a voice both pure and full-bodied, almost unique in its utter transparency to the music. Like one of the reviewers cited, I’m waiting for Winterreise, not to mention a Schumann collection. Thanks for being so wonderful.

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