Singing Workshop at Ansells Farm, 21st February 2015: The Italian Spirit

[Update] This workshop is now fully booked.

We invite you to join us for our first Singing Workshop of 2015. Our theme this time is Songs & Arias in Italian, that most musical of singing languages. Here’s your chance to be a Pavarotti or a Sutherland for a day (though no concessions for celebrities); or maybe you love the gentler baroque cadences of the Aria Antiche or the wonderful traditional songs of Naples and the Commedia dell’arte? However your love of the Bel Paese and its music grabs you we want to hear it!

£110 for the workshop, £35 to bring your own accompanist, and £30 deposit. We also encourage observers if people aren’t ready to take part as singers – this costs £55, including lunch.

Tel: 01787 269570